Thursday, November 26, 2009

i hate it!!

sick sick sick...
y this year always fall sick leh?? = =
started lax n vomit since monday...
so sick so weak..
slp 4 whole day..
going 2 G.H Pg at nite..
i though will get injection..
bt at last juz took 3 kind of medic...haiz
i ady cant eat still gv me the medic 4 what?
summore muz take after food..OMG..i raise the white flag 2 u lar..
but i don't want my sickness turn more serious..
forced 2~~haiz..
untill 2day..stomach still uncomfortable + gastric..
omg omg..i hate this kinda feeling..
i want to eat whatever i want..
i want 2 enjoy the food i like..
God Bless Me...=.="

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