Wednesday, April 29, 2009

i wan b like a robot!

last nite~
i quarel with him~
feeling so blue!!
n i walked out from my hostel abt 2am..
n come bc at 4.25am~
walking alone in the taman...
feeling so i dn wish 2 go bc hostel early..
i feeling tire..dono what should i do in future..
it seems like all wrong that i did..
izit nth is important?
izit all my fault??
if that is the fact...i rather 2 b a robot!!
a robot no need 2 plan anythings 4 others & his own..
juz listening other's order..
if all i did b4 is wrong~
i rather b like a robot...
a smart but act stupid robot~

what guls need?
men should get hard 2 understand pls!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Paradise Beach

finish my 2nd main paper -- Introduction to Human Resource Management at 4pm~
6pm...i go Paradise Beach with classmate^^(Z.Kun a.k.a yeye with me Yaya ^^)(C.Teik a.k.a Simon)
(Our Doctor...looks like doctor izit?^^)

actually there was a big sun that time...
bt i enjoy it..
(when come bc realize my skin turn darker ad T_T)
starting v all juz hanging around n play with the sea water..
v saw a dog gorek lubang...
then bark 2 the hole...
v all dono wat he is doin..
so walked toward lor...
mana tau~~~~
a crab run out from the hole...
n the dog keep chasing it...
lastly..v catch the crab n play with tat black colour dog~
this is the little crab & the black doggie bhind~
after that...
v saw a gang of Dalat International School's student there..
then saw a handsome guy...
ooopsss...its FEW lar....XD
& FEW pretty guls....
then v knew a gul called joycelyn...
she is quite friendly lar...
she is HK ppl bt born in M'sia..^^
v also took pics with a pretty gul n a handsome guy ^^
the guy in the pic above r sooooo geng!!
do all of u seen a ang mo who knew hw 2 speak Malay?
n even correct than us!!
OMG!!so geng!!!!
cz he said he is born in Indonesia..
bt stay in England 4 a long time...
bt i think he dn like Indonesian pun~~

around 8pm...
v go Northan Beach mum mum..
beach again~
after mum?
go bc liao lor..
actually i'm lazy 2 post 1...
bt..i did it liao...XD
so weird nia me....

Sunday, April 26, 2009

i nid cold air~~

the weather was sooo damn HOT!!!
pls God~
can u gv a leave 4 ur son(sun)??
ask he/she 2 rest 4 1 day~
n pls order ur wind helper 2 get some cold wind can?
pls la~~~
so hot..
almost faint liao la..
until i cant concerntrate my studies..
jealous those person who r sit in a room with air-conditional nw~
i wan too~~~~~
the hot weather always make me feel moody~
i nid some cold air pls!!!

tuesday wil having my HRM main paper..
11 chapters..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

i miss dar~~

nth special 4 this blog..
cz its juz sum photo upload nia~
i've been kl by 4lo my dar's car on sunday~
n come bc last nite~
so those pics i upload juz some pics with him at kl..
nth special at all..
cz nth 2 write 4~~

i miss u nw~
so miss u lehxx..
wish 2 c u nw...
bt cant..
1 more month...
tat time v cn meet again liao~
waiting 4 tat...
n our 1st year anniversary is coming soon lor..
excited nia~
miss u~

Sunday, April 19, 2009


hey guys..
i'm here...
its gonna been late ya?
i juz came bc from movie..**wink**
enjoy my last movie withmy dar b4 he go bc 2 kl 2ml~
time past so fast..
my dar's 2 weeks sem break gonna end soon~
he gonna leave his own house n me then get bc 2 his uni life at kl~
sad n gonna miss him much~ ='(
lets talk abt the movie i watched juz nw at sunway carnival mall ^^
actually the aim i go sunway is 2 watch a Thai movie " coming soon"...
bt the show time is 12.30am...
too late liao...
then v decide 2 watch another 1~this is the movie v watched juz nw~
my dar told me that "Paul Blart Mall Cop" is the num 1 movie in dono wat rank lar..
so v watch tat lor..^^
its reli a great,interesting & funny movie..
all ppls in the cinema is laugh happily n enjoy in the movie..
reli nice..
all abt the fatty cop...XD
bt he is reli......geng~!!!^^
i hv realise sumtin after i watched that..
dn look down on fat ppl~

who not yet watch the movie can go n have fun..
its reli great~ u will b never regret ^_^

actually...nex saturday is my 1st subject of my sem 3 final exam..
bt nw i stil enjoy my weekend..
hw dare i??~~ XD
bt i promise i wil start my work 2ml~
2ml go bc pg liao...
dono hostel gt ppl boh~
if i m alone..
i wil scare 1 lor...XD
ok la..
wan oioi liao..
update when i free..^^
gd nite~ sweet dream~

Friday, April 17, 2009

sushi king + redbox

go sushiking with lcorner's fren(tarcian)
4 tat rm2 sushi~
hahaxx..dis is 1 part of our result
the waiter said tat consider less ad..
cz v r 8 ppl thr..
the total v ate i think is around 75+ gua~

after tat..
go redbox..^^
all get high in the situation~
include me..
bt my sound open at the last 1 hour time..
kek si ki~~~~~
bt all so enjoy~
abt 6pm v go bc liao lor..
then i edit sum funny things..

izit funny?
my 1st time working~

Sunday, April 12, 2009


long time dint update my blog ad..
sum1 is complaint to me ad..
so i force 2 update sumtin here lor..
actually i gt many things 2 type about..
bt owaz lazy...XD
so wait til nw lor..
n i think juz all sum simple posting nia~
cz i'm lazy..

pic below is 02 Apr 09..
few ppl of m17 go mum mum at Gurney Seoul Garden..
i took few pics nia~
paiseh lar..
those pics is i took in toilet 1~
pics above are our teik n kun~
juz 2 nia..not enough la..

the nex is..
gt abit geli la..
is about after v finish our makan..
dirty dirty~
hahaxx..hv some problem when upload..
so gt more pics cant appear here..
paiseh again la..
summore i took less pics tat day
(fon no bactery..)
promise nex time wil took more ya~

the nex is abt me n my dar hv dinner at The Ship,Batu Ferringgi~
tat day was sum1 bday too~ ^^ ~

me & my dar ^^
this is wat i ate ----> bombay steak ^^ quite nice la..

actually stil gt many many many pics de..
bt not in my hand..
so cant upload here..
nid 2 take it from my dar's fren lor..
c 1st la..
gt chance then i upload again la..
nw the weather is sososososo hot~
so i wan go oioi liao..
nex nex week is our college final exam liao..
so i think i wont update so recent la..
so gt time juz update my blog la..
muz miss me ya~

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