Thursday, June 25, 2009

miss miss..^^

nothing 2 post la actually...
juz wana shout some things..^^
my dearest dar...
can c him 2ml...
appreciate the time with him always...

i knw my dar miss me much too..

Saturday, June 20, 2009


at B.M nw..
my dar is working at pg nw..
so cant meet him 2day..
so bored lar...
on9 play xdo juz nw..
bt damn tired after played..
and now...dont know what cant i do already.
boring life....

want some entertainment = =

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary ^^

its 11th June ^^
a special day 4 2 persons last year..
and 2day~ yeah! its the 1st anniversary of our love journey!!
glad 2 hear that cz its my 1st anniversary with my dar..
actually i've been here(K.L) on Monday~
then doing nth here..
until 2day~~~Anniversary~~
wat i wan 2 say is~~~~~~FINALLY~~~
FINALLY CAN GO OUT ADY......(my dar is bside me when i post this..XD)
nth much 2 post la actually..
juz some pics lor..
lazy 2 explain much.. lar...
if my dar gt update blog abt our anniversary..
juz copy from there n post here later larhxx..
i admit i'm quite lazy lar...XD
( my dar is kicking me nw...T_T .....nvm..later kicik bc him..wakakakakaxxx)

these is some pics larhxx..
enjoy it..^^
bt hor....all pics is same poste 1....
paiseh har...=P
This is the chocolate that my dar bought 4 me when i reached kl..^^ delicious until nw not yet finish..^^.. cz i enjoy it slowly..dowan gv u all..blek..=P

photo below v took at snooker centre wednesday nite..
anniversary eve..^^

then the nex is~~~~~
pics abt anniversary..^^

ah dar..dint gv me eat?hahaxx( actually i ate most of it..XD )

here comes some pics of our dinner..^^
at 21st century cafe..
a nice nice plzce...quite romantic lorhxx..
at Kajang..^^

i m on the top of the world..haha XD
the food there quite nice lorhxx..
i love it..^^ yummy yummy...
nex time go again..^^

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lazy post liao..
thats all..^^
conclusion is...i enjoy the anniversary..
thx my dar 4 giving me such memorable anniversary..
i luv u..much n much..^^

i m lazy~ XD

happy anniversary again..
my beloved dar..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

make up

me n him...
make up..^^
hopefully its our new n sweet beginning of new life..
11th June ~ our 1st year anniversary..
hopefully its an enjoyable & memorable day..^^
not only that day..
is 4ever..
wish 2..


luv is all around..
full of bliss & joy~
v...enjoy our life..^^

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