Thursday, November 5, 2009

this sunday will get my new phone..
initially.. i dcide 2 buy w705
bt after my fren suggestion..
i dcide 2 buy this G705..
this phone gt almost same function with W705 n gt 1 more extra function -- GPS
n the price is cheaper..
so..finally i hv y final
waiting 4 it..although not the latest model n not an i like slide phone alot..^^

p/s :
long time dint on my msn ad..
thats bcz my msn cant update 2 the new version..
so cant use..
waiting 4 somebody 2 help me settle it..
haiz haiz..
hopefully can use bc a.s.a.p...

this 3 weeks will b my test weeks..
small test for each subjects..
hopefully can get good results at last..^^v
wish me luck..
n also my frenzz...^^


asaKura YoH said...

wow..congrates on getting new phone.msn cant update?install new version lo..find for installer and reinstall oni la..hope this helps.hehe..

yaya_jdoubleu said...

useless leh..
i ady uninstall n reinstall but atill cant use..
nw my pc dn hv msn..= =

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