Saturday, August 1, 2009


receive 2 hank of flowers when i m in class 2day..
shock n shock n shock..
i thought i wont receive anythings so sudden during the 2 years i m in Tarc..
bt 2day..i gt shock for 2 times..
and of cz..its surprising me..

thx my prom son n daughter 4 the hank with 5 different colours rose..^^
its so beautifull..
i appreciate it..^^

those pic above are my luvly prom son n daughter..
luv them much..^^

n thx 4 Ghee Khon..
my London junior when Orientation week..
thx 4 ur red colour rose..^^
i like it too..
really thx u all 4 giving me such a big surprise..
i m so touch n happy..
thanks.. =)

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