Thursday, July 30, 2009

nth else..
juz whole mind with blank blank blank!!
so lazy recently..
n stressfull..
some things about the Odyssey Night..
some things about my studies ( i miss many many lecture zzZzzZz )
some things about me n HIM... ( if remain the same situation..wat 4 2 continue a relationship like that? )
some things about myself.. ( can i dn b so lazy?can i put more effort on myself? i m damn useless lar.. T_T )
how 2 change myself 2 bcm better??
i want 2 b more hardworking as others..
i want b more smart 2 make decision..
i want 2 b more strong 2 handle my lazyness..
i want 2 b more kind 2 what ppl say about me...
how how how?

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