Tuesday, August 4, 2009


seems like long time dint update my blog ad..
recently quite busy lar..>.<
fren always ask me 2 updated it..
bt i m busy yet lazy..XD
nw gt some gap b/w so i come n post some thing lor..
recently what i busy for?
1. Odyssey nite (my prom daughter & son..)
2. Assignment ( bt actually i juz do abit bit things only..feel sry 2 my group members..)
3. Test ( dint study enough kok..= =")
4. presentation (nervous....)
feel quite stress recently..
like not enough time for everythings..
rush n rush n rush..
juz pass up 1 assignment this monday..
nex week will b a very busy n rushing week..
monday is the Odyssey nite...i need go make up set hair during class time..
then 5.15-6.30pm still need go C.P for MIS test..
then continue with the Odyssey nite..
Tuesday is my English for Business's presentation..=.=
thursday another test..B.M.P..
walau...cant imagine how i gonna plan my schedule..
i m noob in time management lar man..
nw i still worry about my cloth 4 odyssey nite..
who can borrow me har???
i dont want 2 buy it cz i dint wear such clothes in normal day..XD

when practicing..
i scolded them...
felt sry n guilty after that..
i m not purposely did so..
so sry my son n daughter...
sry...pls 4gv me k.. T_T
afterward miss ng came when our prom son n daughter practicing their cat walk..
talk alot with us...
about their talent n so on..
i cried after that briefing..
cz i felt i m so useless..
i dint do my job nicely..
this is my 1st time 2 handle such post n job..
i tried 2 put effort on it ad..
bt seems like my method is not suitable 4 the situition..
ms ng said during the odyssey nite cat walk is not an important part..
talent most important..
bt i wish 2 ask..in Odyssey nite already hv an category for talent candidate already lar..
their talent sure important..
then prom also important in talent for what?
and if cat walk section not important what for 2 hv this section?
my prom son n daughter r practice hardly for the cat walk..
she juz 1 sentence make my heart broken..
n she asked me..whats wrong with me huh?
why i make them so helang??
izit my prob?izit i need 2 force them to do the things?
i dont know how 2 force..
i juz think that i did so many things 4 them..
they will appreciate n then put effort for themselves...
i dn think force can handle that..
i dont want gv them so much stress as they already hv stress by themselves..
izit my thinking is wrong?
izit my method wrong?
i kw that nw juz left few days for them 2 make last review..
i nervous also..
i hope their performance great too..
after nex monday..all are released..
no more training..
and i dont know izit stil hv relation as mother n son daughter after that..
hopefully the answer is yes..
i luv them..^^
so hopefully 2day onwards is all the better day 4 us..
+u 4 myself n my prom son n daughter..
n for sure +u for all odyssey nite committees..
they did much things for the odyssey nite..
thx alot..^^

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