Wednesday, April 29, 2009

i wan b like a robot!

last nite~
i quarel with him~
feeling so blue!!
n i walked out from my hostel abt 2am..
n come bc at 4.25am~
walking alone in the taman...
feeling so i dn wish 2 go bc hostel early..
i feeling tire..dono what should i do in future..
it seems like all wrong that i did..
izit nth is important?
izit all my fault??
if that is the fact...i rather 2 b a robot!!
a robot no need 2 plan anythings 4 others & his own..
juz listening other's order..
if all i did b4 is wrong~
i rather b like a robot...
a smart but act stupid robot~

what guls need?
men should get hard 2 understand pls!!

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