Sunday, April 12, 2009


long time dint update my blog ad..
sum1 is complaint to me ad..
so i force 2 update sumtin here lor..
actually i gt many things 2 type about..
bt owaz lazy...XD
so wait til nw lor..
n i think juz all sum simple posting nia~
cz i'm lazy..

pic below is 02 Apr 09..
few ppl of m17 go mum mum at Gurney Seoul Garden..
i took few pics nia~
paiseh lar..
those pics is i took in toilet 1~
pics above are our teik n kun~
juz 2 nia..not enough la..

the nex is..
gt abit geli la..
is about after v finish our makan..
dirty dirty~
hahaxx..hv some problem when upload..
so gt more pics cant appear here..
paiseh again la..
summore i took less pics tat day
(fon no bactery..)
promise nex time wil took more ya~

the nex is abt me n my dar hv dinner at The Ship,Batu Ferringgi~
tat day was sum1 bday too~ ^^ ~

me & my dar ^^
this is wat i ate ----> bombay steak ^^ quite nice la..

actually stil gt many many many pics de..
bt not in my hand..
so cant upload here..
nid 2 take it from my dar's fren lor..
c 1st la..
gt chance then i upload again la..
nw the weather is sososososo hot~
so i wan go oioi liao..
nex nex week is our college final exam liao..
so i think i wont update so recent la..
so gt time juz update my blog la..
muz miss me ya~

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