Sunday, April 19, 2009


hey guys..
i'm here...
its gonna been late ya?
i juz came bc from movie..**wink**
enjoy my last movie withmy dar b4 he go bc 2 kl 2ml~
time past so fast..
my dar's 2 weeks sem break gonna end soon~
he gonna leave his own house n me then get bc 2 his uni life at kl~
sad n gonna miss him much~ ='(
lets talk abt the movie i watched juz nw at sunway carnival mall ^^
actually the aim i go sunway is 2 watch a Thai movie " coming soon"...
bt the show time is 12.30am...
too late liao...
then v decide 2 watch another 1~this is the movie v watched juz nw~
my dar told me that "Paul Blart Mall Cop" is the num 1 movie in dono wat rank lar..
so v watch tat lor..^^
its reli a great,interesting & funny movie..
all ppls in the cinema is laugh happily n enjoy in the movie..
reli nice..
all abt the fatty cop...XD
bt he is reli......geng~!!!^^
i hv realise sumtin after i watched that..
dn look down on fat ppl~

who not yet watch the movie can go n have fun..
its reli great~ u will b never regret ^_^

actually...nex saturday is my 1st subject of my sem 3 final exam..
bt nw i stil enjoy my weekend..
hw dare i??~~ XD
bt i promise i wil start my work 2ml~
2ml go bc pg liao...
dono hostel gt ppl boh~
if i m alone..
i wil scare 1 lor...XD
ok la..
wan oioi liao..
update when i free..^^
gd nite~ sweet dream~

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