Wednesday, March 18, 2009

my wed'day afternoon~

actually dis is not sum kind of post tat talk abt sum serious feeling or wat else..
juz a post tat i suddenly wish 2 post it up here..
its abt 2day afternoon after lunch at my college..
v plan 2 hv revision 4 3pm HRM test..
bt who knws v totally not in study mode..
juz laugh 4 whole 2 hours..
the reason v laugh is bcz of sumtins funny of cz..
thr is some drawing n topic..
the pic below is drawn by 4 of us in study room dis afternoon..^^dis is draw by miss ee lin..
guys u all guess wat she trying 2 draw thr?
its 7 zai..
dis pic make us laugh 4 a long long time..
cz reli funny la..

n dis pic is draw by mr.Issac a.k.a h view~
actually he try 2 draw a normal 7 zai oso de..
bt at last turn 2 a fat dragon with durian head..
n the black spec is added by me..
n the sai sai bside the dragon oso added by me..XD

n dis is draw by mr Issac oso..
actually it is a fierce dragon..
bt our ms ee lin add a dog necktie 2 it..
then turn a dog liao..
so i oso add a pair of ear 4 it..
hahaxx...n finally i post sum normal pic here..^^
dis is draw by mr Issac oso..
its reli cute turtle tat try 2 run faster..

our mr.Issac is reli great in drawing..
bt he owaz say himself dono hw 2 draw..
reli kiam pak nia~

its end 4 our drawing topic..

n coming up nex is..
abt our ms. Ee lin..
she saw a boy came in who is reli handsome 4 her..
so she try 2 kap him in every way..
n she decide 2 knw a ah gua fren of tat guy..
cz after tat she can knw tat handsome guy from tat ah gua liao..
tat make us laugh 4 so long too..
bt of cz..
its juz 4 fun nia~
not reli wan 2 kau tat guy de..
cz she ad hv her mr right ad~
Shine Shine~
Ee lin..
if u gt 2 read dis post..dn kill me ya~

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