Sunday, March 22, 2009

student leader~

so fast..
i gonna go year 2 soon..
bt b4 tat..
gt an orientation week b4 our new batch of year 1 student come in 4 study..
n i've interview 2 b a student leader during the orientation week..
i juz wan 2 try n get some special experience la..
bt many senior told me tat is nth funny at all..
i dono izit reli siok onot la..
bt i ad interview 4 tat liao la..
tat time juz knw siok onot la..
bt i think i will try my best la..
hopefully i can handle it as gd as i can la..
4 those who has interview as a student leader..
v +u+u 2gether ya~
hope tat can b a part of my gd memories~

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