Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm back~ ^^

I'm bc~

i'm juz here 2 posting somethings abt the day i cm bc pg from kl..
actually nth special here..
juz sum pics here..
those foods above is the dinner i take with my dar b4 i'm going 2 pudu..^^
the name of the restaurant i 4gt jor..
bt is a very very big restaurant n selling damn many kind of foods thr..
near sungei wang n BB Plaza thr..
thr oso hv many ang mo lang 1..^^
i m enjoying the 杂果冰~
gt n honeydew..delicious..^^
yummy yummy~
miss tat nw..n dar gv me capture his silly face..


after mum..then go pak tor n walk walk with my dar..
v walk the same place as v walk every time b4 i leave kl..
bt dar not feeling well..
so juz rest in a lobby of a hotel..
of cz wont 4gt 2 take sum pics~
XD( I like dis the most..^^)

i take 1am bus..
so abt 12.30am..
v leave the hotel n move 2 pudu..
when v reach th..
bus ady thr..
so i get into bus..
n dar stay bside bus acc me..
he wan wait til my bus depart juz go bc although i call him go bc 1st..
thx dar..
luv u~

i take dis b4 bus depart..
dar show peace..^^
luv u so much..
miss u so much too~
muacks muacks..
dar gonna come bc B.M soon..
i waiting 4 u ya~
n i knw u wil b very busy recently with projects n test..
+u+u ya~
support u owaz..^^

- our heart wil never b apart although distance is so far-
~ i bliv tat v can handle all of tat ~

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