Sunday, March 15, 2009

i'm here..^^

quite long time dint upload new post ad lor..
juz wan 2 post sumtin abt me recently~
last thursday(5th march)..
i depart from Penang 2 kl..
juz 2 find my dar here..
cz i hv long time dint meet my dar le lor..
tat mean i hv skip my class 4 whole week..
omg..(dn let my parent 2 c dis post X.X)
i hv spent my whole week times with my dar here..(kl)
he is quite busy with his sch project n test..
so not reli hv more time 2 acc me..
bt he stil try his best 2 take sum times 2 acc me n take me out 4 relaxing..
i feel so touch abt tat..^^
his Uni has organize a charity carnival on 11th march..
all incharge by students in his Uni..
his group is do a hauted house..
tat is 1 part of his moral project..
so he is incharged a flying ghost with his fren in tat haunted house
(is incharged..not b a flying ghost oh..=.=)
n i oso bside him n c ppl diok scare..hahaxx..
quite funy nia~
b4 tat..
i hv go when they r preparing 4 the haunted house..
then i knw tat wan 2 build a haunted house is sosososososo difficult..
summore their haunted house not very mini leh..
so xin ku nia~
after thehaunted house finished..
he is busying his test..
n me?
i hv been watching finish the whole HK drama (seng sai yan kit) in dis whole week..
hahaxx..siok nia~ ^^
actually nth special here..
cz i hv been come here 4 many times ad..
so no new things n new place ad..
(mayb stil gt la..juz my dar no time 2 brin me go lar..nex time la..)
oh ya~
almost 4gt tat i wan 2 say sumtin abt the 2 cats in my dar's apartment..^^
orange 1 is called 1 is tuxer..^^

they r almost fall aslp liao..XD

n finally...they slp jor..

they r reli cute 1..
i luv him so much..
rubic is a clever cat..
n tuxer is an active cat..
bt tuxer wil come2 me when i clap my hand n called his name..^^
n tucer is cute with his slping pose..
juz as below..
damn cute nia~
luv them so much lorhxx..
n 2nite..
i wil b going bc 2 Penang liao..
gonna start class 2ml morning..
n i hv a test on wednesday..
cham lar...
ti gong bo bi i wil pass ya~
(scare scare...T^T)

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