Thursday, February 26, 2009

my 1st daughter.. - choco -

i hv receive a present which is wrote my name on tat..
its a box with a familiar wraping skill..
bt when the box reached my hand.
it ad koyak..
the wraping paper ad tear by sum1 else..
after i tear out the wraping paper..
the box turn 2 a weird shape..
koyak ad lar..
i open the box..
i saw a bear with chocolate fer..
inside tat hv a card with words...
after read the card..
i knw tat dis is the gift from my dar..
he brings me a daughter..
the bear's name is choco..
mayb bcz she is brown colour..
i hv a big surprise when i receive the gift so sudden..
reli surprise..
thx alot 2 him 4 gving me such big surprise..
thx u~ dar..

dis is my 1st daughter..^^
- choco -

thx dar 4 bringing me my 1st daughter..
reli thx..
i wil luv her as i luv our sons..
- i luv u -

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