Monday, February 23, 2009

a great software i found 4 edit pic~

recently 1 of my fren on fs recommended me a software 4 editing pic..
after i tried it..
wow!!its reli cool!!
i found the effect tat i wan..
n can download many special word n things from their forum..
bt wish 2 start edit nid 2 dl the software 1st..
bt juz some small software..
n its work great n easy 2 use..
reli fantastic..^^
i like it so much!!
after install tat software..
almost whole day i use it 2 edit my pic in my pc..
the pic in my blogspot tat i renew juz nw is edit by using tat software~
izit nice?!

if any1 wish 2 try abt it..
can go 2 this website..n download the software..
n start ur edit journey~
reli great!!^^
(no www)
check it out~

below is sum of my works with using those software~
what do u think when u saw a cup of ice chocolate?
(its reli big~a restaurant at Sungai Chua,selangor)

dis is my big son~
-wei wei-
my edit nice?

2 cats in my bf's apartment..
tuxer-black(stupid n dirty)
rubic-orange brown(smart n lie clean)
-all pics above r edit using mei tu xiu xiu~
dl the software from dis site..
(no nid type www)

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