Thursday, February 19, 2009

boys n guls..

mayb boys dono which word wil hurt a gul..
mayb sumtimes sumtins tat boys say..wil make a gul get hurt..
bt those boys stil blur after they said..
n guls..hope the boys can knw guls' feeling..
bt the other way round..
those boys juz keep it on 2 say their own speech..
y boys cant understand guls well?
cz boys r not guls..
juz like guls oso wont reli understand wat boys thinking..
cz guls r not boys..
so tats y v cant totally understand each other..
n tats y wil quarel between each other..
bt after quarel..
should b more understand compare with b4..rite?
i think it should b like tat..
hw many couples can reli do so?
dis is such an complicated relation..
nobody can reli knw it well..
sum ppl say tat..
those couple who never quarel was not reli luv each other..
izit true?
then izit the couple owaz quarel is too luv each others?
i dn think so..
i juz can say it as..
all ppl hv defferent thinking..
as third party..
v cant expect wat should happen in THEIR relationship..
juz wish both of them happy n full of bliss..
n pls..
dn so keh poh..
gv some stupid comments around..
i HATE those keh poh chi!!
d*mn it!!
so pls RESPECT each other..
including YOURSELF!!

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