Friday, January 23, 2009

-The Day I've been Waiting 4 so long-

23 Jan 2009
i've been waiting 2day 4 so long..
finally~ it reached..^^
dis is d day my ♥ little father ♥ come bc BM from KL...
n 2ml..v wil meet each other..
so miss him..
i knw his feeling is exactly same with me^^
cz v miss each other so much..
both of us juz waiting the time 2 reach n meet 4 each other..

finally finally & finally~

so excited nia~

2ml is my last subject 4 1st year 2nd sem's final exam in tarc..
i stil happy la although i knw some subjects mayb wil kena resit..
bt i think i should enjoy my holidays la..
dowan 2 think abt it..
resit mah resit lorhxx..XD

(no need is better lar..)

my ♥ little father ♥ have test at 5pm later..
so i +u+u 4 him n support him here..^^
gambateh oh..
u can do it de^^
so hardworking 4 dis few days..
u can score it de oh..^^
owaz support u ya~

-22 hours left-
♥ miss u ♥
♥ luv u ♥

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