Saturday, January 24, 2009

2 words,break my heart

I tot dis is a blog tat full of happiness b4,bt nw..i gonna start a sad post here..
sumtin happen 2nite..sumtin tat make both of us unhappy..
juz bcz my plan 4 2ml..
24Jan09 suppose b happy can c each other..
bt juz bcz my plan..nw both of us unhappy~
he cant folo wat i actually i knw he cant my heart so weird..
feel tat very no siok..
i oso dono y wil like dis..
tats y i so mang zang myself..
bt he tot i m angrying him abt tat things..
i knw!!!i knw u cant folo my plan!!i reli knw!!
i not wish 2 force u de!!reli!!bt my heart dono y so bo siok..
mayb like tat make my sound n word abit like angry!!
bt actually i m not angry!!!
juz mang zang myself!!
his temper oso not so gd~
hot ady!!!!
i m the person tat cant hot temper with me when i m pek chek or mang zang..
cz i cant cntrl myself!!!!!
tat time!!!he bad~i oso bad!!
at last!!he said " fen shou la"then hang out the fon!!
i straight cry after he hang up!!reli straight cry!!
heart so pain!!
y tat 2 word so eary 2 say out from his mouth?!
y???? after few minutes..he call bc!
v talk abt the things!!he stil hot temper!!
n finally!he knw tat he misunderstood sumtin!
sumtin tat i not mean so bt he think i did!!
he said sry 2 me!!
bt my heart stil pain!!
cant recover!!
pain!!!!so pain!!!
y so easily say out tat 2 words?y??
he promise me wont say tat 2 me de..
bt he did!!!y??!!!y break the promise??!!y hurt me??!
so pain!!!until nw!!!so pain!!
later 9am stil gt accounting exam..
hope tat i can handle it!!
after tat can c him ady!!
bt hw wil i face him?
i dono!!
i juz heart is pain nw!!!!!!

breaking my heart by 2 words-

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