Wednesday, January 21, 2009

21 Jan 09 =.="

knw y i gv dis face?
cz tat c2p BISA is damn hard!!!!!
so bad lar..

all my expecting question dint come out..
all come out the c2p question..
all i study de dint come out..
aboh i can score liao mah..
ah mon dis genius oso said dono hw 2 do ah..

gai liao lar dis time..
cham cham liao..
bt nvm..
at least i gt try my best 2 study le..

hehexx..(an wei myself)
n 1 more reason i gv tat face is.......
the weather 2 hot liao lar..
c2p weather lai de..
i wan cao hueh dah liao lah..
hot til~~~~~~~~
juz nw i dint eat then straight go exam at 2pm..
my stomach scold me when the half way of exam ah..
then i scold bc..

then after finished the stupid exam.
. go buy sausage roti

(2day 4gt take pic..2 hungry liao)..
reach hostel then...
ham ham wake up ady..
this is my cute n c2p son--ham ham

he so xian shi..
i gv him seed he dowan..
then i use seed gor abit sausage source..
he eat pula.. =.=
then after 3 seeds..
he clever liao..

juz lick all the source..
then throw away the seed..

bad till~~~
after mum..
straight post dis lame blog le lor..
ntg special de la..
ma post siok lor..

n horrhhxx..
so miss some1 lor..
little father..

dn over joy when read til here ya~
i knw u will de..
admit lar..
i miss u..
dar dar..
u wan come bc le..

happy nia~
bt juz nw u told me ur project so hard..
pity pity ya~
bt i owaz support u de..

+u+u oh..
syg syg~ muacksxzz..^^

now very hot..

so write til here then stop la..

2 b continue.....

- 2 more days -
miss u
luv owaz

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