Tuesday, January 20, 2009

20 Jan 2009 ^^

juz finish my lunch..

-hokkein mee-
it cost me RM3.50
(large,+ egg)

the weather is damn hot..

i keep sweating although juz finish bathing..
dis few days.
i m so easy 2 sweat..
after eating wil sweat..
after drink d water oso wil sweat..
i reli swt liao..
2ml gt 1 paper..

at 2pm..
Business Information System & Application..
dis is the subject tat i scare the most..
cz i dint attend the lecture class..
i think juz attend 3/10 ba..XD
n the tutorial oso the same..
tats y i receive warning letter..

bt so lucky is the test i stil can pass..
so unbelievable..
i juz boom only oso wil pass wor..
bt exam not same ady..
2ml dono hw 2 die le..
juz nw start study from chapter 1..Introduction..>.<

i wil try my best oso de..
lin shi bao fo jiao..
if stil can pass dis subject..
i reli can b shen tong ady..XD
after 2ml's paper..
juz left 1 more 2 go--Accounting..
dis is the subject i hate the most!!
i ady hate for many years since i m in secondary sch..
nw in college stil nid 2 c it!!
2 bad!!!>.<"

bt bo huat la.
juz hope tat can shun shun li li pass la..
abo i nid 2 meet it again (resit)...

after account paper??
no more liao lar..
stil wan meh?

tat time can c my dar dar le..
happy happy..^^
cz my dar dar come fetch me at my hostel ma..^^
gd gd..hehexx..^^
so excited nia~
po bu ji dai lorhxx..XD
2day is my dar dar's bday...
Happy Birthday again ya~
although ady said many time 2 him..^^
bt i stil wan 2 say more..
until 12am 2ml..xD
happy birthday..happy birthday..happy birthday..^^
little father..
i luv u ya~
hehexx ^_^v

-3 more days 2 go-
i miss u
i luv u

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