Tuesday, January 20, 2009

HappY BirTHdaY mY Dar dAR..^^

-20 Jan 2009-

is a very important day 4 me..
its my dar dar's bday..^^
i cant b by his side..
bt my heart is owaz b with him..
he knw it..^^
v chat through msn and fon when it reach 12am..
bt tat stupid line owaz dc..
choose 2 dc on dis time point..
so bad line..
afterward is fine ady..
v r sweet enough..
the present i gv him earlier when i go kl last 2 weeks..^^
he likes them so much..
i m glad abt tat..^^
1st time do card n board for others as present..^^
luckily not 2 bad..XD nw..
juz wait the coming friday..
cz dar dar will coming bc from kl..
come 2 my side..
accompany me celebrate cny..
our 1st time 2 celebrate cny 2gether.
muz b much nice memories..
so excited..^^

my beloved man~
Happy Birthday..^^

-little father-
my dar is 21 year old nw..
he is a little father nw..

n i..m a little mother nw..^^
ham ham n wei wei r our sons..^^
happy family~ muacksxzz..^^
luv ya~ bliss bliss nw~
i knw my little father(dar dar) is over joy..XD

-3 more days 2 go-
missing u

`luv owaz`

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