Monday, February 2, 2009

cny 2009..^^

my dar dar go bc kl from bm.
so she bu de..
bt at least v hv a very happy cny holidays with each other during the whole week..^^
i feel bliss during dis whole week..
i appreciate the time i talk with his parent..
i enjoy the time when v go out with his fren..
i remember the time v r 2gether n de memories between us..
i m blissful n happy..
stil rmb tat when cny eve..
dar dar cm my house at nite..
v watch YES MAN 2gether..
then i fall aslp..
dar dar wear a ring 4 me when i m slping..
when i wake up..
i saw the ring..
happy til~~~~~
dis is a big suprise 4 me..

i m so happy..
thx.dar dar..
u r so sweet..^^
the ring tat dar dar bought..^^

dis is the 1st year v celebrate cny 2gether..
i hope tat every year v can celebrate 2gether..
n can same as dis year..
bring him along 2 c my relatives..^^
dis year cny..

i bring him along 2 my da jiu jiu's house 2 visit my relatives..
although ntg happen on tat day..
bt after tat day many relatives ask abt my dar dar through my mum..
tat mean they care abt my laogong lor..

v hv many many gd memories during the whole week..

the sweet time v r 2gether..^^

KFC autocity..^^

happy owaz ya~

kek lok si 290109

kek lok si 290109..

i wait the day v meet each other again..

i luv u..

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