Tuesday, April 27, 2010

boring holidays

hahaxx..finally..i wear spec ad..
opps..should b saying that.. i'm WILLING to wear spec ad..lol..
i should wore it when i m 6 years old..yup..6 years old..
bt i din't..cz i hate wearing spec..so mahuan lar..
bt now..can't hiam anymore..
cz i dowan b blind lar..haha..
so at last..i'm a 4 eyes padi chicken ad..(四眼田鸡)..=="
will it looks stupid?
i ad get used to it ad lor...haha

really don't know what to do in this holidays..
actually...is every holidays..=x
so damn boring while staying at home n facing laptop n tv..
i wanna outing!!!
anyone wanna find me out?
even juz have a drink...

nex tuesday might going sing-k with hotz members..

other than that??no more activities...
i HATE boringssss....=="

bsides that..i'm still wondering when will the exam result release?
i want to know whether can i proceed 2 my Advanced or not..
if can..need some preparation..
if can't? ready 4 job finding..lol..

bt i ad ready 4 the can't...
(i told my mum ad lor..==)

and have a great thing..
my mum let me 2 have my driving license ad lor..

so now i'm searching 4 the cheapest price...
anyone recommend me some driving school with cheaper price?

need it a.s.a.p...
i want my driving license...for sooooo long ad..>.<

hopefully i can get it straight without any failing section..wahahaxx..

**YAWN** damn boring now..wanna continue my tv section ad..


~noty_jimjim~ said...

wait me bak..
i will ask u out 1..
then hor..
about the driving license eh hor..
we go tambun take the driving test...
easier to pass...
bt i haven ask the price yet..
i'll be asking next week lor~

yaya_jdoubleu said...

u not yet have license kok meh??@@

♥ Crystal said...

im always free for dates...ngekngek :))

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