Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year Clothes

Did all of u bought 4 ur new year clothes??
Recently i m preparing my New Year clothes..
but i realized that now the value of the money was sosososososo small..OMG..
$300 juz enough to bough few items only..
i bought a jeans(7 long) from ROMP cost me RM59.90
a cloth from ROMP cost me RM45.90
a bag from (4got the shop name) at Sunway Pyramid cost me RM49.90
a cloth from online shop cost me RM31 (include postal fee)
two shirts from GIORDANO costme RM39 (buy 1 free 1 special offer on Xmas)
a LOREAL hair dye colour from watson cost me RM 31.40
and some nail polish, and so on...RM300 gone like that..swt swt..
and my new year clothes not enough yet..
juz hv 1 set right now... few more sets 2 go...
i wanna change my style on next year..hahahaxx..
being process now.=)
hope 2 get a part timr job 2 have more money..
i need many clothes and shoes .....

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