Monday, August 17, 2009

yesterday & today~

i had my 1st time competition in team with doraemon, xiao li, guang liang & margaratte..
the venue is New World Park Penang..
our team name is Fu Fit..
my 1st dancing competition in team..
my very very 1st time..
bt i 4gt the steps on the stage..
worst the performance nia..=.=
at last v get 3rd place in the team competition..
margaratte get 3rd place & xiao li get 2nd place in solo section..
congratulation 2 us..^^
about 2day..
finish review meeting of O.O Nite juz nw..
actually learn much things from that..
hope i hv chance 2 handle a post nex time n i wil do the best of my part..
after that..
go Sunrise Mc'D and had our dinner..
and our Mr.Enson bcm dinasour ad..
and v talk much abour enson & Ivan..
bcz they stay in the same room nw..
oooopss...what will happen at night?
secret~~ lol..
actually nothings 2 write lar..
juz feel wish 2 write some things..
2ml have presentation of english 4 business..
after posting will go and prepare..
hope that all will b smooth 2ml..
final exam is around the corner..
5th Sept started.. til 18th Sept..
after that? sem break 4 almost 2 weeks i think..
thats all my year 2 sem 1 in TARC..
so fast~~
have 2 hard work from nw..
add oil..=)

wuang ching gastric ad..hope that she will recover soon..
+u+u ya~
v promise will gambateh in study 2gether..
add oil..^^

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