Thursday, August 20, 2009

movie nite..^^

juz came bc from movie at gurney with lots of
i hv watched 2 movies in 4 1/2 hours...=)
with all 16 persons..^^
9.10pm watched TRACING SHADOW

that was a stupid and pointless movie..
i admit it was abit funny during the story..
bt trust's juz abit...or mayb SOME..
others were damn pointless..meaningless..
my friends said it was a movie they felt waste money after watched it..

then v go play ding ding after 1st movie..
8 of us play racing cars 2gether n laze said that who lose in the game has 2 treat all of us drinks..
at last knw who r losing?
the 1 said so..
so laze..u own us a drink..

after that v bought second
this time v watched OVERHEARD..

it was a nice movie..
really nice..
H.K movie is always that nice
although few of them are not so gd larhxx..
bt this movie is really cool.
i like it..=)

after watched 2 movie?
heading to Subaidah and had supper there..^^
i ate 2 roti kosong & has teh o ice limau as my drink..^^
full tilll~~
after full my stomach..
i'm coming bc home..
2day dint took any photo..
so no photo update..

ntg else 2 post ad..
see the time juz nw its ad 3.30am..
gonna skip 2ml lecture againzzz...
or mayb i will go also..
started 2 do revision ad..^^
oioi l..
nite nite..^^

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俊顺 said...

去看"The rise of cobra"
District 9 就不要去看了
== 超没有point的

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