Saturday, May 16, 2009

this few days

dis few days..
start from 14th May til 2day..
its the training camp of our college student leader..
huuu~~ damn suffer n tired nia...
totally not much time 2 rest pun ah..
haizzzzzz~ 2ml nid go college do tag 4 those freshmen ah.
. n do out team flag n SBS king flag~~~
then morning start the orientation week liao.
. 5 days~ nid 2 lead the students liao..
dono who is in my group lor...
i same team with Kayne..^^
i b the assistant..hahaxx..
bt same punya lar~~do the same job~~
2day c the schedule ad..
walau~~~~~full till lar...tired till lar~~~
bt i choose liao..
so muz keep moving on lor..
hope that all the freshmen are enjoy with us n theng theng wa wa lar..
hahaxx.. tired nia.. wan go rest liao..
2ml 9am......


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