Monday, May 4, 2009

no tittle~

wan wish my fren Teh Peng Loon Happy Birthday~
although his bday ad end 2 hours ago~
i already wish him in msg~
bt nw wish him again here ya~

not yet slp nw..
juz bc from yeye's house..
cz go thr with Y. ming n C.Teik 4 study my resit paper -- Fundamental Of Accaunting on Tuesday~
that wil b my last paper of this sem~~
oh yeah!!!!
bt not yet finish the revision yet..
bt gt take many photos...
continue by 2ml~ XD

stomache nia~
dono izit bcz of the lunch v ate at Sunrise mcd marhxx..
cz Yeye n Y.Ming sama sama order mc chicken set...
then sama sama stomache...
the meat of the mc chicken like ad put thr 4 few days then recook like that~
OMG!!!!!!!!!!! so bad!!
so suffer 4 that nia~
n so tired lor..
dono y wish 2 post sumtin b4 slp..
then wan go oioi liao~
2ml 12.30pm lunch^^

p/s : thx 4 everyone who may concern abt the previous post in my blog..about the arguement b/w me n my dar..i wan tell all of my frenz n him ady "Get Well" liao~means ad make up~so thx 4 my frens those been cheer me up n cae abt me..thx 4 u all..really touching^_^ thx u all..luv u all ya~ muacksss...=]

my dar start working at MidValley liao~seems like so xin ku~summore nid study kok~although juz 2 class a week(short sem)..dar..+u+u ya~ i support u here...massage 4 u when v meet up ya~luv u owaz..muz take care urself thr ya~muacksxzz..^^

this is the end of the post..
wanna go oioi nw...
gd nite...^^

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