Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine Day ^^

no matter u r single or couple..

wishing all of u hv a great valentine day dis year..
dis is a great day 4 couple..
same with me..
although my dar cant b my side..
bt our heart wil never b apart..
i bliv tat many couple same with us..
b apart with each other bcz of some reason..
every year hv Valentine Day..
suppose say tat every month 14th r Valentine day..
so sure hv ur chance 2 get with ya~
dn feel sad with tat..
keep going with own relation..
put more effort on it..
gambateh 2gether..
4 ours future..^^
+u+u all..

Happy Valentine Day ^^
to all my frens around..
& my beloved man..
i luv u
miss miss ya~

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