Tuesday, February 17, 2009

finally finally~

oh yeah oh yeah~
finally...finally can c all the pics in blogspot!!
so glad abt tat..
last few days..
dno wat happen 2 my pc..
i totally cant view all the pics in blogspot..
no matter is my blog or others blog..
i so scare tat i cant view all of tat 4ever..
i so scare tat nid 2 format my pc..
i can view all of dis nw..
happy til~~~can fly on d sky ad..
clap hand 4 me..hahaxx..
so nw i can upload my latest edited pic le..
its my latest pic..
take on friday 13 Feb 09

n hor..
sumtin tat i 4gt 2 post it here 4 so long..
tat is...
my dar bcm botak liao..
bt nvm ya~
i stil luv u..

9th month..
miss miss..
- i luv u -

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