Thursday, September 3, 2009

TARC Y2S1 Final Exam Time table

5/9 2pm Business Management Principle b102-b107
9/9 9am English For Business C.A
10/9 9am Business Ethics C.A
2pm Microeconomics(resit) b201
14/9 9am Management Information System C.A
17/9 9am Personnel Administration C.A
18/9 9am Business Accounting C.P

I think the time b/w those subject are quite a big gap right?
hopefully its enough 4 me 2 do revision 4 all subjects..
i'm such a last minute guy..
pray pray pray...
**nam nam nam nam nam**

continue my study..^^
all the best 2 all the students..

*dowan resit anymore*

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