Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Holidays..^^

my sem break ad past for 1 week..
n i had pass my holidays with my dearest MR JW for 1 week..
2ml he will b going bc KL AGAIN...>.<
in this whole week..
v hv been watched 2 movies..

"Where Got Ghost" & "GForce"

both of them are nice..
especially GForce...
those Guinea pigs are soooooo chubby..
cannot tahan lar..
and i learn few sentences from the movie "Where Got Ghost"
- Boss ah..ji leh si SUGAR FREE eh " -
- Huat ah!!! -
and sooo on.. LOL...

i hv been his grandma's house at pg 2 visit his relatives..
wow..hw nervous i m on that time..huuu..^^
rest of the time?
v are juz same as other normal couple..
go here n there pak thor lor...XD
n v play pokers every nite after our activities..
this is how my first week of holidays..
how about yours??

hope that my second week can meet my secondary schoolmate larh..
miss them soo much especially Hotz..
although i felt that the relation between me & them seems like changed..
bt i still appreciated them much..
miss u all.. =)

Happy Holidays To All My Friends..^^

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