Thursday, August 13, 2009

O.O nite succeed...

after O.O nite..
feel so tired...
n my body started 2 feel unwell ad..
cham lar like that..
seems like i'm so useless leh~ =.="
and so many test lor..
walau eh...
i skip too much class liao..zzzzZZZzzz
(not bcz O.o nite myself lazy... =.=")
actually dis O.O nite i m juz like a kid learning from the beginning..
i learned much n much things from it..
about hw 2 organize an event & also relation between human beings..
actually i think that i'm not really did it gd in that..
cz owaz helped by many of them..
teach me dis & that..
hopefully they wont feel like i'm troublesome lar..
my prom son & daughter also learnt much things i think..
it will b a memorable times 4 them..^^
nw the O.O nite is over ad..
all seperated 4 their own goals...
dont know when can v hang out 2gether again?
final exam was around the corner..
hope that all of us can pay more attention on study lar..
( actually i'm talking about i m damn lazy nw..zzz)
here special thanks 2 some one who helped me during whole O.O nite..
thanks 4...

Enson(u helps me alot n alot..n ur hardwork 4 the sponser..u r the best..)
Laze(u teach me much things..^^)
Alan(u r quite responsible 4 the O.O nite too..)
Hory & those stage managers ( thx 4 ur hardwork 4 the back drop and helping during O.O nite)
K.Guan(P.A system..quite nice..^^)
my all prom son & daughter(all of u r the best 4 me..put so much effort on the event..thx u all so much..bcz of u all..the O.O nite r succeed..)
Wuang Ching ( u encourage me when i'm down..u gv me confidence..u helps my proms alots..i hv 2 learn from u..^^ luv u..)
Wen Xian(ur ticketing was handle quite well..geng till~ n u helps my prom alots too..thx u so much..^^)
Doraemon(u helps my proms' about their talent..gv them quite much confidence..thx so much..u r stil the talent legend 4 me..hahaxx)
Kelvin ( help us on the last day 4 preparation..^^)

a thousand & millions thank you 4 all the committee and my prom son & daughter..
err...dont know want write hami liao..
juz like that 1st lar har..
think diok what else juz update again..
paiseh nia~

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Kee Guan said...

ish just nice only a..canot a like that haha!jk~

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