Friday, July 3, 2009

star journey...

seems like long time dint update my blog already..
actually quite busy recently lar..
a gd news 2 tell u all here..
01 July i participate in a star journey singing competition organize by my college's music society..
and i get into the semi final~
but dono this is good or bad..
cz need 2 nervous second time on monday..
cz monday is the semi final already...
and if i get into final..
need nervous third time ad..
so dont know is good or bad things...
but i will juz try my best lar..
(i still feel scare 2 stand on the stage..zzZZzzzZZz)
this year competiors quite geng 1 lor..
stress nia..
nervous nervous...
bt hope that i can handle it la..
i juz wish i can complete my song on the stage n no mistake then ok 4 me liao..
wish me good luck lor...^.^v

scare scare...= ="
ti gong bo bi bo bi~~

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laze said...

This is why i dont wanna join the competition. haha

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