Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary ^^

its 11th June ^^
a special day 4 2 persons last year..
and 2day~ yeah! its the 1st anniversary of our love journey!!
glad 2 hear that cz its my 1st anniversary with my dar..
actually i've been here(K.L) on Monday~
then doing nth here..
until 2day~~~Anniversary~~
wat i wan 2 say is~~~~~~FINALLY~~~
FINALLY CAN GO OUT ADY......(my dar is bside me when i post this..XD)
nth much 2 post la actually..
juz some pics lor..
lazy 2 explain much.. lar...
if my dar gt update blog abt our anniversary..
juz copy from there n post here later larhxx..
i admit i'm quite lazy lar...XD
( my dar is kicking me nw...T_T .....nvm..later kicik bc him..wakakakakaxxx)

these is some pics larhxx..
enjoy it..^^
bt hor....all pics is same poste 1....
paiseh har...=P
This is the chocolate that my dar bought 4 me when i reached kl..^^ delicious until nw not yet finish..^^.. cz i enjoy it slowly..dowan gv u all..blek..=P

photo below v took at snooker centre wednesday nite..
anniversary eve..^^

then the nex is~~~~~
pics abt anniversary..^^

ah dar..dint gv me eat?hahaxx( actually i ate most of it..XD )

here comes some pics of our dinner..^^
at 21st century cafe..
a nice nice plzce...quite romantic lorhxx..
at Kajang..^^

i m on the top of the world..haha XD
the food there quite nice lorhxx..
i love it..^^ yummy yummy...
nex time go again..^^

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lazy post liao..
thats all..^^
conclusion is...i enjoy the anniversary..
thx my dar 4 giving me such memorable anniversary..
i luv u..much n much..^^

i m lazy~ XD

happy anniversary again..
my beloved dar..

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