Saturday, May 23, 2009

O.Week 2009

Yesterday was a memorable day 4 me..
although it wan suffer abit lar..
bt i learn alots of things in it..^^
n i bliv it was same with other freshmen of TARC Penang & student leaders..
especially student leader of SBS!!!
cz SBS win the overall champion again!!XD
n my team -- London
win the champion of Volleyball Sport Competition..
n me & Kayne hv chance 2 SHOW OFF on the stage n get the medal from Mr.Amos..^^
proud of my best team!!
i am lazy 2 post the details of the whole process in O.Week..
so juz wan 2 share the happiness here..
i m so happy nw!!
and i miss my team members alot..
bt wasted cz v dn hv our own group gathering with them after the O.Week..
hope that v gt chance 2 gather again ya~
i luv u all..^^
following is the pics that i took with my dear friends...
i bcm darker....HATE!!!!

those are the pic i took with some of the Paris(G10) members^^
Paris team..
i luv u all too ya~ muackss^^

Follow with the pics i took my dearest London members..
luv u all damn much...XD

the nex is the some of the committee of the O.Week 2009
love u all too..
cz without u all..v cant hv an enjoyable & memorable O.Week..^^

actually stil hv many photos..
bt others hand..
so i havent take from them..cant upload here..
errrrrr~~~~~juz like this lor..
wan 2 say...LONDON I LOVE U ALL!!!
ITS WORTH I BCM DARKER!!hahahahahahahxxxx
nex year join again..hahaxx

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