Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My 1st Blog here..

This is my 1st blog at Blogger..
i think nobody knw tat i hv a blogger account..
cz i never told anybody around me..
i dont wish 2 let any1 of us 2 knw abt it..
mayb juz bcz i think tat dis is not article tat suitable 2 let every1 2 read abt..

i felt tat my life is fell of bliss..

its juz bcz the man i luv is come bc 2 me..
he is the man i luv d most..
i hv been waiting 4 him..
n finally.he comes bc 2 me..
he stil luv me..
i m reli glad 2 heard tat..
i hope tat v wil stil can keep sweet as b4..
even more sweet than b4..
i luv him..
no matter wat happen.
.i stil luv him so much..
b4 dis..many unhappy incident occur btween us..
bt nw..seems like all of it hs gone..
v turn bc luvly as last time..
i hope dis relation can lasting 4ever..
keep sweet n luvly 4ever n never..

i luv u..jw..
so much.

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