Sunday, January 18, 2009

I m sensitive~

juz nw..
bcz of sumtin..
i felt unhappy..
til mood stil not so gd.. u knw i m stil care abt tat tin?
i dint spy on u since u knw n u said u dn like it..
until nw i stil wil care when u say tat can ask him anything juz bcz i owaz ask him ur tins..
although i knw u r not purposely make me unhappy..
i oso knw u juz wan 2 prove tat u din lie..
bt as u said..
i m sensitive..
i care..
so i totally dono wat 2 say after tat..
straight moody..
so pls..
can dn talk abt tat tin again?
i m sry abt tat..
bt i reli care..
bcz i m sensitive!!

i luv u~
-6 more days to go-
miss u~

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